Paintings and Sculptures - chris wind


Each poem in this collection describes a painting or a sculpture: some, a re-vision of a classic; others, an original work not yet realized.  Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dali, Botticelli, Monet, Rodin are among the artists whose work is re-imagined.

Magenta 2021 (2e)
(1e, Ginninderra 2005 is now out of print)


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Acknowledgements: “sparkling spring water” Rampike (1998); “the thinker” Canadian Woman Studies (Winter 1998) and Bogg (Fall 1989); “Trans-Canada Tailings” Canadian Dimension (December 1995); “The Three Graces” Next Exit (Winter 1992); “Put Your Foot Down” Next Exit (Winter 1992); “Sunday Afternoon in Algonquin Park” The New Quarterly (Fall 1992); “Playing Solitaire” The New Quarterly (Fall 1992); “woman with broom” Prism International (January 1988)


“It has been a long time since I’ve read a poetry book, but when I came across Paintings and Sculptures by Chris Wind, I was hooked.  You know that feeling—when you read the first page and you know you’re going to like the book?  That happened when I read the first poem. … I loved “Mona” and I could picture the scene; it might have happened that way, we’ll never know.  Also, “The Last Supper” was brilliantly clever.  But my favourite one was “Lady of Justice”—such a fine poem, with a subtle message …  This is for sure a book I’ll reread every couple months!”  Mesca Elin  5/5


Artists interested in actualizing any of the pieces for exhibit, please contact me!



The Persistence of Memory
The Creation of Adam
Sunday Afternoon in Algonquin Park
The Last Supper
The Three Graces
Venus of San Francisco
American Gothic
Luncheon on the Grass
The Death of Socrates
Still Life
Woman with Broom
The Nativity
No TideTM In Turin
The Nuclear Family
Passing Time
Sparkling Spring Water
Put Your Foot Down
Mug Shots
I’m Growing Just As Fast As I Can
My Supervisor’s Calendar
Dressed to Kill
There’s No Life Like It!
We Have the Cure for Cancer.


David, after Goliath
The Statue of Liberty
Porch of the Maidens
Rape of the Sabine Woman
Nike, Goddess of Victory
The Thinker
Lady of Justice
Wheels: Status Symbols
The Perfect Pedestal
Domestic Dispute
War Monument
Trans-Canada Tailings
Just Desserts



sometimes in the morning
on that bare dressing table
in the corner of the bedroom
i can see my heart
my ruby heart
hanging overover
bleeding onto the floor


The Persistence of Memory


strong, solid
chin on hand
right elbow on thigh
left arm across knee
leaning forward
breasts filling in the spaces
between the lines

The Thinker

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