collection of poems - dreaming of kaleidoscopes

dreaming of

Poetry from chris wind’s late teens in the 1970s to her early thirties in the 1990s–sensitive, passionate, and most of all, illuminating.

Socially conscious and often feminist.




scabs and scars
blowing across the snow

standing on a cliff
in a silent blizzard
and dreaming of kaleidoscopes
                                                      all of the pieces always fit

Magenta 2011

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dreaming of kaleidoscopes is a top pick of poetry and is very much worth considering.”  Midwest Book Review



solitude on the steppes

i wake
four grown human beings
later in the evening
burn victim
i hurl my screams
solitude on the steppes
down a hollow
Portrait of the Artist, Struggling
this is the season
Sonata for the Dead
dreaming of kaleidoscopes

i chirp

canary in a cave
we move
In An Art Gallery
my pet parrot
it’s like a hunger strike
Blacks founded great empires
Desert Storm (the video)
you tell me about your son
(Blind) Lady of Justice


you will wash over me
Aria Cantabile
your words scrape across my skin
a rush of flames
distance softens, darkness too
to paul
Modern Math
to phil
we who have cast off polite camouflage

for my brother

in the night, your mouth at my neck
now that there’s AIDS
“rape with a foreign object”
electronic studio
crease, flip, crease, flip, crease, flip
for my brother
To My Philosophy Professors
in essays and reports
to be led
Fashion Statement
I have taken vows
when her mother explained
agèd women waiting
Mirrors in a Funhouse
The Girl Market at Gaina
On the Occasion of your Ph.D.

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