Welcome to chris wind’s website: socially conscious prose and poetry; feminist critique of the Bible, Shakespeare, mythology, and fairy tales; fictionalized women’s history.

(If you’re looking for chris wind, the composer, go to www.chriswind.com.)

Actresses looking for fresh, new, original audition pieces: take a look at Soliloquies: The Lady Doth Indeed Protest  (Shakespeareanesque soliloquies), Deare Sister,  Snow White Gets Her Say, and Thus Saith Eve (monologues, two of which, “I am Eve” and “I am Mary”, can be performed with an audio collage background; the background for “I am Eve” is here and the background for “I am Mary” can simply be a performance of “Ave Maria” – listen here). Also, “Amelia’s Nocturne” can be performed as a theatrical piece (1st place win by Tracey Lynn Frame in the Virginia Theatre Association Festival!): a simple set consisting of a writing table with an inkwell and note paper, the music (live piano and voice in the corner) woven into the monologue. And The Dialogue, here, is a short piece for two women, who must disguise themselves as men to be in Plato’s Academy.  Directors looking for feminist theatre, note that Soliloquies: the lady doth indeed protest is available as a stage play, as is Snow White Gets Her Say.

Painters and sculptors: take a look at Paintings and Sculptures – if you’re interested ‘actualizing’ any of the paintings and sculptures for exhibit, contact me!

English teachers: consider Soliloquies: The Lady Doth Indeed Protest for your Shakespeare unit and UnMythed for your mythology unit.

Women’s history scholars: you might be interested in Deare Sister.

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