Excerpts chris wind


This second edition of Excerpts: miscellaneous prose and poetry includes most of the pieces from the first edition (early works dating from the late 1970s and 1980s), slightly revised, along with several new pieces.

Magenta 2022 (2e)



Available in various e-formats (Kindle, Kobo, NookBook, iBook), but if you’d like an epub or pdf, you can download it right here, for free.  (And here’s why).

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(And if anyone feels inclined to write a review or some sort of reader response that I can post here, and possibly elsewhere, with your permission, feel free to send it to me!  (And thanks!)

Acknowledgements:“Two O’Clock Pick-Up” Going for Coffee, Tom Wayman, ed. (1980); “tears erode” Whetstone (Spring 82); “aria for solo flute” Whetstone (Spr83); “Double Exposure” event 12.2 (Nov83); “Faith” The New Quarterly IV.1 (Spring 84); “This is the person” Ouroboros (1985); “running” Herizons 3.5 (Jul/Aug85); “Nocturne” Hysteria IV.4 (Spring 86); “Show and Tell” Waves 15.1/2 (Fall 86); “the apple” Clever Cats (Mar87); “Of Human Bondage” Poetry Toronto 146 (Feb88); “Adam’s Apple” grain XVII.3 (Fall 89); “suspended” Canadian Woman Studies 10.1 (Apr89); “While i …” Kola 8.1 (1995)

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